The AH-02 is is a Classic Mesh Design with Reverse Profile Face


Removable rivets with locking nuts for easy customization

Flush mount center cap


Below are the offsets available by size:

AH02 - 17X8 PCD 4x100/114.3 and 5x100/114.3 offset +35 Available in Tiffany Blue, Gold, Silver and White 
AH02 - 18X8.5 Tiffany Blue (PCD 5x100 and 5x114.3. Offset +35), Silver (PCD 5x120 offset +35, 5x114.3 offset +35 or +12 and 5x112 offset +25) 
AH02 - 18X9.5 PCD 5x114.3 offset +35 Available in Tiffany Blue and Silver 
AH02 - 19X9.5 PCD 5x114.3 offset +22 or +12 Available in Silver 
AH02 - 19X11 PCD 5x114.3 offset +15 and +22 Available in Silver 

Aodhan AH02

Regular price $600